Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation Course


Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation Course


Transform Your Digital Economy Career and jumpstart your digital transformation as a CXO Transform Certified Program Manager.

Who The Course Is For

This course is for those Project Managers or Operational Managers who feel ready to step up into Program Management.

Or Program Managers who are struggling with some aspects of the program they are currently managing.

Course Description

Delivered by Rick Catalano - this course is focused on what Rick refers to as “The Integrated Core”. These are the big hitters that Program Leaders of large-scale Digital Transformations must focus on to increase their probability (and sometimes only possibility) of success.  

After the course, you'll be equipped to tackle the often chaotic, mind-numbingly difficult aspects of Digital Transformation Programs with a strong and usable set of skills that cover from day one on through the lifecycle of the program after go-live! 

Rick will walk you through and help you to understand Organization & Resources, Project Planning & Tracking, Critical Chain Deep Dive, Plan Tracking Deep Dive. He will show you how Agile & Scrum are implementable in this course. How you can create a 10,000 Line Plan in just a day. Provide Budget Planning and Cost Management, Communications Management skills you might not have thought were possible.  

Rick will also give you a foundational understanding and best practices of Scope and Change Control, Risk Management, Issue Management, Key Decision Management, Quality Management, and Knowledge Management. Lastly, Rick takes you though Program Integration, Leadership Principles, and the tricky world of Benefits Realization & Value Management.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction 
  • Lesson 2: Organization & Resources 
  • Lesson 3: Project Planning & Tracking 
  • Lesson 4: Critical Chain Deep Dive 
  • Lesson 5: Plan Tracking Deep Dive 
  • Lesson 5: Agile & Scrum 
  • Lesson 6: 10,000 Line Plan in a Day 
  • Lesson 7: Budget Planning and Cost Management 
  • Lesson 8: Communications Management 
  • Lesson 9: Scope and Change Control 
  • Lesson 10: Risk Management 
  • Lesson 11: Issue Management 
  • Lesson 12: Key Decision Management 
  • Lesson 13: Quality Management 
  • Lesson 14: Knowledge Management 
  • Lesson 15: Program Integration 
  • Lesson 16: Leadership Principles 
  • Lesson 17: Benefits Realization & Value Management
  • Final Exam and Certification 

Blockchain Secured Certification

When you pass the online multiple choice exam, you will be awarded the CXO Transform Transformation Program Management Certificate. This will immediately add credibility and weight to your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile, job interviews, internal promotions, and separate you from the crowd. Your digital certificate will be registered on the Blockchain and cryptographically signed. Powerful social sharing features on your very own certificate web space will enable you to quickly promote your credentials across 100's of social media channels.

Rick Catalano

Course Instructor

Rick Catalano

Rick Catalano has an enviable ability to jumpstart digital transformation program success for mid-size to Fortune 500 industry leaders. This has propelled him to become one of the most well-equipped program management experts around the world today. Not only has Rick orchestrated the successful launch of dozens of digital transformation implementations throughout the world, but has also taught hundreds of project and program managers, business and technology leaders, how to amplify their own abilities, cutting through the white noise and deliver successful implementations. Implementations that ultimately have driven process improvements and business growth that was desired by the organizations he has helped. In this course, Rick shares his personal trade secrets that have enabled him to enjoy two decades of an international career of successes as a program leader.

CXO Transform Chief Exec & Founder Says ...

Rob Llewellyn

"Rick Catalano is so obsessed with program leadership and management that just a few hours of his presence can bring about massive improvements in almost every type of transformation program.

It's a privilege to see his new course available on the CXO Transform platform. It will undoubtedly go on to help many professionals enjoy greater success as transformation program managers and leaders."

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